The Superrr Lab team is growing – Welcome Ouassima!

Portrait of Ouassima

We, Elisa and Julia, are really excited to welcome Ouassima Laabich-Mansour as our new project manager for Superrr Lab. We've asked her a couple of questions so we can all get to know her better! Ouassima will be working on our project The New New.

SUPERRR: A good way to get to know someone is via their side projects and hobbies. What are some of your current side projects, Ouassima?

Ouassima: One of my current side projects is learning Design Thinking at the Hasso Plattner Institute - in my own research, I like to combine it with decolonial perspectives on Design Thinking methods as well as with insights from critical future studies. As well as slowly focussing on my PhD Thesis on Empowerment Strategies, as I come from a strong civil societal engagement background and working with BPOC and Muslim communities on collaboration, empowerment and just futures.

SUPERRR: With Superrr Lab we are thinking a lot about the future(s). What is an object/or application that does not yet exist – but something that you would like to have at your disposal in a preferable digital future? Something you would use every day and cannot imagine living without?

Ouassima: An app or a way to learn rare and native languages day by day. Like my mother tongue, which I can speak but not write. I would love to have such a instrument for especially diaspora children/people and everyone interested - getting and stay connected with your roots and ancestors.

SUPERRR: What's your biggest energy sucker these days?

Ouassima: The overwhelming news on all the pain and injustice in this world and seeing a deconstructive discourse around it. It makes me tired and sad too see how differently lives are valued (more or less) according to difference categories (race, gender, religion, sexuality, ability etc.). And how less people reflect on their own privileges.

SUPERRR: What is a small humble change you would like to see in the world? How can we work towards it?

Ouassima: How people see other people, natures, animals and basically the world. When we would treat everyone and everything with respect, dignity and love, I think we would change many ways of behaving, talking, acting and thinking politics. It needs to happen structurally as well as individually!

SUPERRR: What communities are you part of?

Ouassima: Oh, this is a good question. Everything from young, BPOCs, progressive, social justice, academic and creative circles. I love humans, I love networks and I love empowering and just communities, therefore I am part and connected to different ones which I like to bring together and connect further. Yeey!

SUPERRR: Things we should all read/know about! Please share three of your favorite projects, texts, links, inspirations with us:

Ouassima: I can absolutely recommend texts on critical future studies and why we need decolonial perspectives - who writes and thinks our futures? And how can we decolonialize it? And mixing these with feminist, intersectional, critical race theories. Mind-blowing! Secondly, I would highly recommend to follow accounts on social media which are out of ones own "bubble" - seeing different ways of living, loving, working, being, writing, believing etc. is truly beneficial (and of course bearing in mind that self-presentations are biased). Last but not least, listening to smooth music like Bon Iver while reading fantasy books - I truly believe in the power of fantasy books which activate my creative synapses.

SUPERRR: Last but not least, what's your favourite Meme?

Ouassima: This one:

Image: Me looking at myself in the little Zoom box while someone is talking

Source @mytherapistsays on Instagram.

SUPERRR: Thank you so much Ouassima and once again: Welcome on board!