Strengthening our foundations

We love our projects - but translating their results into actionable policy demands and proposals is a lengthy process. Playing this long game is a challenge for most non-profits, and it definitely has been a challenge for us. We are therefore excited to announce that we received support to strengthen the advocacy and policy work of SUPERRR Lab!

Our policy work builds on the organisation’s past, current and upcoming projects at the intersection of digital technology, gender equality and anti-racism. We will use the grant in 2022 to develop a mid-term advocacy strategy for an intersectional feminist tech policy that is built on values such as consent, care, and co-creation, and reframes digital and tech policy as a genuinely societal and social issue.

The intersectional feminist tech policy will become a core program of SUPERRR: It builds on our networks, our projects and our research like our Feminist Tech Principles, and gathers our findings and recommendations for policy-makers under one roof. It is also a shared endeavour: We will partner with social and racial justice organisations and other organisations from digital civil society.

While much of SUPERRR's policy work is focused on Germany, the intertwined nature of national and European policy-making means that our policy can also be used in an international context.

Expect to see more policy proposals, public debates and overall: more SUPERRR all around!

Supported by a grant from the Open Society Foundation gGmbH in cooperation with the OSIFE of the Open Society Foundations.