SUPERRR Lab is growing – welcome Corinna!

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We are very excited to announce a new addition to our team! ✨ Corinna will lead SUPERRRs advocacy work.

SUPERRR: A good way to get to know someone is via their side projects and hobbies. What are some of your current side projects, Corinna?

Corinna: During the pandemic, I noticed that, apparently, I do not have hobbies. My three main activities were 1) eating, 2) sleeping, 3) politics - and not much has changed. I am an active member of the German Young Socialists (Jusos) and spend most of my evenings either discussing politics or organizing political events. I try to steer away from that a bit and also develop hobbies that are about making tangible things. I love cooking, so I am looking for cooking classes to widen my view and abilities on all different cuisines (and hopefully invite loads of friends and feed them, one of my greatest pleasures). I also love to paint and would like to re-awaken my High School Pollock phase.

SUPERRR: With Superrr Lab we are thinking a lot about the future(s). What is an object/or application that does not yet exist – but something that you would like to have at your disposal in a preferable digital future? Something you would use every day and cannot imagine living without?

Corinna: I'd like an automatic diagnosis tool for all diseases and ailments. Basically, I want us all to be Bones from Star Trek and diagnose and heal people within seconds. I am also a bit of a hypochondriac, and I would love to be able to prove to myself daily that I am fine.

SUPERRR: What's your biggest energy sucker these days?

Corinna: Tik Tok. It is extremely addictive, and the algorithm is so good it is super scary. I have tried deleting it numerous times, but I always come back to it and stay on it for hours at a time, which seems to be a common issue with most people on Tik Tok, so I am trying to limit my screen time and instead do things that energize me. Apart from that, the dark Berlin winters are hard to adapt to.

SUPERRR: What is a small humble change you would like to see in the world? How can we work towards it?

Corinna: It is a bit of a cliché, but the world would be better with more empathy, kindness, and above all, solidarity within our communities but especially solidarity with the most marginalized communities.

SUPERRR: What communities are you part of?

Corinna: I grew up in a strict religious community that was very restrictive. Therefore, being comfortable in new communities and learning not to hide was a difficult process for me. However, I am now at a place where I am actively looking for and creating communities around me. I am part of political communities like the Young Socialists and academic communities from my old universities that regularly meet to discuss the EU, Eastern Europe, or feminist issues. I'd also say I belong to feminist communities, but these are more in flux and less clearly defined.

SUPERRR: Things we should all read/know about! Please share three of your favorite projects, texts, links, inspirations with us:


  • 1. I am a huge pop culture enthusiast and love writers taking an intersectional lens to my favourite TV Shows, books, movies, and especially any kind of vampire content. Some of my favourite authors are @byJudeDoyle or @annehelen - I also watch every video by "The Take" religiously. Follow them for thoughtful, playful, and super informative feminist pop culture content.
  • 2. Lately, I have been drawn to re-read books about the 20th century, located somewhere between history, travel writing, poetry, and political analysis. I feel like we can learn a lot about our current crisis of democracy and capitalism by reading about the past. 
Right now, I am reading Ryszard Kapuściński's series on revolutions, including "The Emperor" on Ethiopia. Stefan Zweig's "The world of yesterday" is also back on global bestseller lists, unfortunately for a good reason. But not to lose hope, I recommend delving into Patti Smith's lyrical autobiography "Just Kids," which is about growing up, growing apart, and growing into oneself in New York in the 60s and 70s.
  • 3. Joy is so important. Hence, Eurovision is super important to me. Whenever I feel down, I watch Ukraine's iconic 2007 song "Dancing lasha tumbai" by the legendary drag queen Verka Serduchka.

SUPERRR: Last but not least, what's your favourite Meme?

Corinna: This is a terrible question because I just accidentally deleted my meme folder and now have to rely on my friends sending me my favourite memes again. Most of them are anxiety or food related, so I needed to make a choice that would make me neither more anxious nor hungry. So please find my most nerdy EU studies memes:


April Fools Meme


SUPERRR: Thank you so much Corinna! It's great to have you onboard.