Launch of the Risktakers Fellowship

The Risktakers Fellowship – Apply now!

To face the multiple crises of our time, more than ever we need spaces of hope and resilience. The Risktakers Fellowship aims to create one such space – a space to dream, plan and explore the possibilities and what-ifs that enable us to re-imagine the status quo through a wide range of voices and perspectives, in the digital world and beyond.

What kind of world do we want to live in? What do just, diverse and inclusive visions of the digital future look like if we dare to explore new ways of thinking? How can we stand up to the urgent matters of our time – such as the climate crisis, the rise of conservative and totalitarian politics, intersectional discrimination and violence, social inequalities, war – taking into account their complex relations and interdependencies? And what role do we want digital technologies to play in societies which centre around care, collaboration and sustainability, rather than economic growth, optimization and competition?

The Risktakers Fellowship aims to create a space to rethink dominant systems and practices by imagining alternative approaches and new possibilities for desirable digital futures. It acknowledges and supports the work of people who dare to resist common – and often comfortable – narratives by drawing attention to social and structural grievances as well as offering possible solutions and exits. The Risktakers Fellowship sees desirable futures centering around care, equity and sustainability are possible if we dare to imagine and build them together.

“The Risktakers Fellowship – Daring to shape new digital futures” is a fellowship programme by Allianz Foundation and SUPERRR Lab.