RRRetrospective 2022

As we move forward into the new year, it's important to take a moment to reflect on the past and recognize the progress we've made, which wouldn't have been possible without the support of our SUPERRR communities! In this blog post, we've decided to invite you to take a closer look at some of our events and achievements of 2022.

Muslim Futures

The photo shows some of the Muslim Futures futurists, namely Kader Bagli, Ouassima Laabich, Nilgün Akıncı, Anja Saleh, Elif Çelik and Fatih Maraşlıoğlu.

The futurists during their kick-off (from left to right): Kader Bagli, Ouassima Laabich, Nilgün Akıncı, Anja Saleh, Elif Çelik, Fatih Maraşlıoğlu. Ozan Zakariya Keskinkılıç and Hafssa El Bouhamouchi, also part of the group, are not in the photo. Design by Nes Kapucu.

Last year, we proudly announced "Muslim Futures", a project that imagines a space in which joy, love, community and empowerment are centered on a Muslim positionality. Our seven futurists have been working together to create and imagine inclusive, fair and just visions of Muslim Futures. They are implementing projects from artistic, cultural, political and inter/anti-disciplinary approaches into practice.

If you are curious about the futurists, upcoming events and special occasions, make sure to check out the website.

Muslim Futures is funded by the Bundeszentrale für Politische Bildung.

Upcoming in 2023: Exhibition and presentation of the futurists and their work.

Risktakers Fellowship

The photo shows the Risktakers Logo, in the colors orange-red and purple

Design by Rainbow Unicorn

After dropping hints throughout the year, we were finally able to reveal and launch one of our superrrr-secret projects in December: The Risktakers Fellowship! The Risktakers project aims to create a space for fellows to dream, plan and explore the possibilities to reimagine the status quo in the digital world and beyond. We received 900 applications and are currently heads-down in the review phase. You can stay up to date on the website and sign up for the Risktakers newsletter here.

Upcoming in 2023: Announcement of the Fellows in March

Digital Futures Gathering

The photo shows the Risktakers Logo, in the colors orange-red and purple

Design by Ousa Collective.

In September 2022, civil society organisations, researchers, and activists from around the world gathered in Berlin for the Digital Futures Gathering. During the event, participants discussed, planned, and dreamed of sustainable, just, feminist, and decolonial digital futures. The documentation website is full of recommendations, wishes and deep dives that you should not miss. A list of all the participants can be found on the website. We thank everyone who was part of the gathering!

Feminist Tech Policy

The photo shows the Risktakers Logo, in the colors orange-red and purple

Design by Ousa Collective.

Throughout 2022, we started developing a theoretical framework for a feminist approach to tech policy, which critically analyses existing power relations and works towards establishing justice. It requires an intersectional feminist lens focusing on social groups most affected by digitalisation's negative consequences.

We created a living repository for all things feminist tech policy with the latest analyses and takes on current policy developments such as CSA regulation.

Stay up to date on new case studies through our newsletter.

The photo shows the Risktakers Logo, in the colors orange-red and purple

Alexandra Geese, Dr Nakeema Stefflbauer and Julia Kloiber discussing the ins and outs of feminist digital policy.

As part of the Feminist Foreign Policy Summit of the CFFP, we had an excellent discussion with Alexandra Geese and Dr Nakeema Stefflbauer on what a feminist digital policy can look like – and what we can learn from the adoption of feminist foreign policy frameworks. Rewatch here.

The photo shows Elisa Lindinger,Frances Haugen, and Julia Kloiber

Elisa and Julia at the Feminist Tech Dinner with Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugen.

SUPERRR Lab joins German Digital Strategy Advisory Board

We're proudly announcing that Julia Kloiber joined the Advisory board for Digital Strategy which meets up monthly and consists of 19 members from the areas of science, economy, and civil society. Learn more here.

SUPERRR Community

Due to the pandemic, our SUPERRR community had to move into a more digital realm to keep in touch. Still, there was an effort and need to meet up outside of digital spaces, and when possible, we tried to make it a reality.

Self-Love and Carbs

The photo shows the Risktakers Logo, in the colors orange-red and purple

Illustration by Laura Breiling.

We kicked the spring off with "Self-love and Carbs" - a culinary self-defence class for cis and trans-women, trans men and non-binary folx, which was designed to give all participants some extra resources that will come in handy when navigating a patriarchal, cis-hetero-normative world every day. We thank Eva Dingel from Yanagi Jutaijutsu Berlin e.V and Abir Ghattas for creating this joint event with us!

The photo shows the Risktakers Logo, in the colors orange-red and purple

Throwback to when @amalthevegan cooked a yummy vegan Levantine menu for the closing dinner of the Self Love and Carbs series. We spent a lovely evening chatting about food, memories and feminism!

UPCOMING: March 2023

On March 15th, re:publica and SUPERRR Lab will be hosting a community event that explores the relationship between feminism and cash. The details of the event are yet to be announced, but it promises to be an exciting and engaging discussion. Stay tuned! In addition to this, there are two more events on the horizon that are worth checking out: First, from March 9th-10th, the Content Moderators Summit will bring together content moderators from across Germany to discuss how to improve their working conditions. This event is being organized in collaboration with Foxglove. and ver.di. Read more here. And finally, the Weizenbaum Debate #1 will feature Elisa Lindinger from SUPERRR Lab and Sabine Frank from YouTube discussing the question of "Macht und Mittel. Wer gestaltet den digitalen Raum?" Keep an eye out for further details on these events as they are expected to offer valuable insights and provoke thought-provoking discussions.