Web Accessibility Training - A Better Internet for All

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Join us for a free Web Accessibility Training on March 11th at SUPERRR Lab.

Nancy Reyes Flores and Raashi Saxena, two experienced experts from the organization Accessibility Lab , will lead a 5-hour training session on applying accessibility tools and principles to create an inclusive environment catering to individuals with diverse needs and abilities.

When: March 11th 2024, 1PM - 6PM

Where: Superrr Lab, Oranienstraße 58A, 10969 Berlin

Language of the workshop is English.

Tickets: Get your pretix Ticket here

The current location is not wheelchair accessible, but SUPERRR is in the process of relocating to a space that will be accessible soon.

Please provide us with your name, along with any special requirements you may have, and express your interest in the workshop briefly. Registration closes: March 8th.

The workshop will delve into theoretical concepts and practical applications of accessibility, encompassing statistical insights, hands-on disability simulations, and tool testing. Participants will gain understanding of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.2 and explore accessibility considerations across various mediums such as documents, social media, and software.

This workshop welcomes designers, programmers, web enthusiasts, and simply anyone who believes in the importance and achievability of enhancing accessibility in the digital space. No special expertise is necessary to participate. Please adhere to the SUPERRR Lab Code of Conduct.

Participants will leave this workshop with:

  • Enhanced understanding of accessibility principles and guidelines
  • Practical knowledge of conducting accessibility testing and simulations
  • Familiarity with tools for assessing and improving web accessibility
  • Strategies for implementing accessibility in various mediums (documents, social media, software)
  • Ability to apply Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2 effectively
  • Increased awareness of the importance of inclusive design and its impact
  • Resources and references for further learning and development in web accessibility

  • About the host organization:

    Accessibility Lab is a Mexican organization that was born in 2017 seeking to ensure the inclusion of people with disabilities and their integral development, through accessibility in the digital world. We believe the best policy to have an accessible world is to guide, teach and help digital content creators on their journey to become accessible and inclusive. That way they will learn and understand the importance of design and develop accessible solutions and they will take that awareness and knowledge with them wherever they go. At the end, accessible tools/products will have the best quality anyone can have and with that everyone’s chance to use it, including people with disabilities.

    About the Facilitators:

    Nancy Reyes Flores, a web accessibility evangelist in Latin America, is a Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competency. She founded Accessibility Lab in 2017, specializing in digital accessibility and social inclusion for people with disabilities. Nancy collaborates with the Mexican government, private sector companies, and non-profit organizations to advance the rights of people with disabilities. She is dedicated to achieving digital inclusion and serves as a member of various organizations, including the Digital Accessibility Ambassadors and the Mexican Council of Accessibility and Inclusion.

    Raashi Saxena, a trainer and strategy consultant at Accessibility Lab, brings extensive expertise as a technologist and social impact innovator. She advises organizations such as The Internet Rights & Principles Dynamic Coalition and Missions Publiques's "We, the Internet" Project, along with contributing to Threading Change, a sustainable fashion non-profit. Raashi is an esteemed international speaker, having presented at numerous conferences worldwide. She has been recognized as an expert in Mozilla's 2022 Internet Health Report and Pew Research Center's 2021 Report on Digital Spaces. Notably, she is acknowledged by the World Economic Forum as one of the Six Inspirational Young Female Leaders and has participated in prestigious leadership programs like the Women Deliver Young Leaders Program. Raashi is currently based in Bangalore, India, serving as the Outgoing Curator of Global Shapers Bengaluru Hub.