SUPERRR Lab is growing – welcome Gürkan!

Portrait of Gürkan

We are thrilled to announce that we have a new team member! ✨ Gürkan is just joined SUPERRR Lab and will help visualize our futures work. To introduce and welcome him, we've asked him a couple of questions:

SUPERRR: A good way to get to know someone is via their side projects and hobbies. What are some of your current side projects, Gürkan?

Gürkan: I’m a designer but music has been always my biggest love. I’m learning electronic music software and want to spend more time with it. I miss making music a lot! Making papier mache objects and lighting is another side work that I enjoy a lot. I agree that making stuff by hands have a therapeutic, healing effect on us. Also love cooking for people, sharing long tables and cherished nights.

SUPERRR: With Superrr Lab we are thinking a lot about the future(s). What is an object/or application that does not yet exist – but something that you would like to have at your disposal in a preferable digital future? Something you would use every day and cannot imagine living without?

Gürkan: Sometimes I feel hard to talk and explain myself with words. Would be nice to being felt and understood by the others via a device. They say, as humankind we born integrated with this gadget but we lost it on the way I guess. So why not, making a device for it!? An emotion transponder! :)

SUPERRR: What's your biggest energy sucker these days?

Gürkan: I recently moved from Istanbul to Berlin. I’m so excited about settling in a new life but the bureaucracy is killing me softly. Looking forward to completing the formal process and enjoy my new life more.

SUPERRR: What is a small humble change you would like to see in the world? How can we work towards it?

Gürkan: We are a new, brave generation who have been focusing on our differences, opening space for diversity, and celebrating the different experiences we come from. I believe these precious new terms and acts empower us as individuals. I also believe sometimes it’s important to remember that we are just another human-being. We all carry something common inside us since we entered this world. The things that hurt us, break us, also heal us are quite familiar. We are experiencing familiar things in different ways of life. For instance, as queer folks, sadly, society does not allow us to get to know and be ourselves while we grow up. But to be honest, I don’t think our beloved straight friends have that either… We are not the same, but we are the same. I believe we can come closer.

SUPERRR: Things we should all read/know about! Please share three of your favorite projects, texts, links, inspirations with us:


  • I’m very excited and fascinated about the Prof. Türker Kılıç’s speeches and publishing lately. He’s discussing the changing narratives and methodologies in science in the last decades. A new narrative explaining the universe not through atoms but information, interconnectivity, and non-fragmented wholeness. His works are mostly in Turkish. I’m sharing an article published by WAAS.
  • My other favourite project is Tiny Desk Concert. Whenever I want to hear some good, new music, I click on one of these humble, un-plugged concert videos and make my day better.

  • And an amazing oud artist: Ara Dinkjian. I don’t know how many times I listened his Conversations with Manol album. A deep tissue massage for the soul.

SUPERRR: Last but not least, what's your favourite Meme?

Gürkan: Side eyeing Chloe is my ultimate hero. 


SUPERRR: Thank you so much Gürkan, and once again: Welcome on board!