Superrr was started in 2015 by Zara Rahman and Julia Kloiber. It started out as a meetup series for women* from diverse backgrounds. In 2019 Superrr Lab was launched to work on projects focussing on ethical tech and diversity. * (we later expanded this group to female, trans and non-binary people).

The community: “Through our professional and personal lives, we realised that we knew so many great female, trans and non-binary people – but there were very little occasions where they would all meet each other, or have the time and space to connect over issues that we all cared about. There were a lot of conferences and events but the conversations we were looking for was more than small talk on the margins of a conference.” Connecting a diverse group of people is at the core of Superrr. We strive to connect people from many different backgrounds – from medical doctors, to anthropologists, social workers, artists and technologists, all of whom have a shared interest in some aspect of positive social change. Diversity doesn’t only make our meetups and discussions more interesting, it makes the community more resilient and strong.

Simplicity is key. We’ve kept the format of the meetups as straightforward and simple as possible. We wanted it to be easy to host meetups and we wanted to focus on the most important part of a community event: the people. No special guests or presentations – because everyone is special. Why not start a Superrr meet up in your city? We believe that meeting up in person, getting to know each other and having time and space to talk about things that matter to us all can be the beginning of many great collaborations and projects. One day, we imagine doing exchanges across Superrr meetups, from city to city, country to country.

Be Superrr!

*everyone who identifies as a woman