Clara Juliano

The Oracle for transfeminist technologies

The Oracle for transfeminist technologies aims to make the deabates on algorithmic bias, the role of AI, and other crucial conversations accessible to wider audiences through a speculative codesign game.

Most of the algorithms commanding our digital interactions are biased and help maintain the norms of a consumerist, misogynist, racist, ableist, gender binary, and heteropatriarchal society. In our project we invite people to radically re-imagine what AI could look like if built around transfeminist values.

Inspired by the use of divination procedures as technologies to understand the present and reshape the future, our goal is to develop a set of divination cards embedded with transfeminist values as an Oracle to guide us towards envisioning transfeminist AIs.

The Feminist Tech Fellowship will support us to elaborate both the card deck used in the game and to brainstorm around a prototype repository of ideas for transfeminist technologies that emerge while people envision speculative futures by playing the deck. The repository will be set in a futuristic scenery, where these technologies are already established and broadly available, therefore accessible to shift realities. We hope that this narrative will help us foresee a better future where AIs are co-designed with people who are too often excluded from or targeted by technology in today's world.

Clara Juliano is a designer and illustrator at Coding Rights. She investigates participatory and codesign processes as platforms for debates on gender issues. With an aptitude for participative, collaborative and human centered design projects, she aims for politically engaged design practices.

This project is developed in partnership between Coding Rights and the MIT Codesign Studio.

Concept and Coordination: Joana Varon (Executive Directress of Coding Rights) and Sasha Costanza-Chock (Associate Professor of Civic Media at MIT).
Illustration and design: Clara Juliano (Designer at Coding Rights)