About the Lab

Superrr Lab is a research and advocacy organization dedicated to promoting the ethical use of technology and the empowerment of people. We help public and private organizations to work on inclusive innovations in tech and beyond.

Currently, we are running the first round of the Feminist Tech Fellowship. Together with the Mozilla Foundation, we are exploring how feminist ideas can improve technology research. We support artist, writers and activists to explore alternative futures.

We also hosts a bi-monthly series of meetups for women* who work in art, science or who otherwise want to make the world a better place.


Superrr Lab was founded in 2019 by Elisa Lindinger and Julia Kloiber.

Elisa Lindinger is the director of Prototype Fund. As a trained archaeologist, Elisa has worked at the intersection of culture and computer science. She has consulted open source and open infrastructure communities and and organized and facilitated conferences and event series.

Julia Kloiber is the Co-Founder of Prototype Fund and the Superrr network. Previously, Julia worked with the Mozilla Foundation, Open Knowledge Foundation Germany and as Consultant for The Engine Room. In her work she is investigating emerging technologies and their influence on society. Julia enjoys growing open communities and applying creative solutions to difficult problems.

Projects we are working on

Feminist Tech Fellowship

The feminist tech fellows are artists, writers, activists, technologists, creatives – who set out to explore alternative digital futures. Futures in which safe, equitable participation in the connected world is the norm. Futures in which people of all genders and cultural backgrounds are supported to influence and create tools and concepts for digital interactions.

Implicit Development Environments Research Group

A research project funded by the Ford Foundation, that investigates the following question: How can funders and community leaders better meet the needs of digital infrastructure projects, and how are those needs distinct from projects at the application layer?