Superrr is a community of women* in the arts, in science, tech, journalism, activism and more. Women who challenge the status quo by the work they do – through starting new programs and organisations, running campaigns, creating community spaces or developing and building things that try to make the world a better place. We strive for diversity, fairness and equality. We believe that we can best achieve that by working together and by empowering and supporting one another. We meet on a regular basis to come together, exchange new ideas and scheme on new collaborations. We combine our forces to fight for a free society in which everyone can live up to their potentials. The Superrr meetup series was started in 2015 in Berlin. The meetups are invite only. To stay up to date about projects and events add your email address below.

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May 29th
#art #science #activism
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January, 15th
#tech #media #education
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Coming soon!
Coming soon!